What is Fantastec GAME?
Which sports does Fantastec GAME cover?
Does Fantastec GAME show live matches?
Who produces Fantastec GAME content?
What other products does Fantastec offer?

Using Fantastec GAME

How do I create an account?
I can’t sign in. What do I need to do?
How do I recover or change my password?
Can I have two accounts at the same time?
How do I close my account?
In which languages is Fantastec GAME available?
Can you notify me when a new match is about to begin?


Where can I find community guidelines?
How do I report inappropriate content in a comments section of the platform?
What is the minimum age to use Fantastec GAME?

Technical Support

How do I make Fantastec GAME my start up page?
Is it possible to download the content from GAME?
Can I use multiple devices (simultaneous log ins)?
Which browsers does Fantastec GAME support?
What are the minimum system requirements for using Fantastec GAME?
Support for older operating systems
I am having difficulty playing videos

Getting in Touch

Where can I follow Fantastec online?
How do I contact Fantastec?
How do I get in touch for business or press enquiries?
Can I advertise on Fantastec GAME?
Can I give feedback or suggest a new feature?